How to save space

What is the one thing that architects, interior designers, space planners, business owners and corporate head honchos hold in high value while setting up modern day offices? The one thing that if saved and found more is an asset of […]

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Eco offices

An office or an establishment can be called green or eco-friendly when it is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. The corporate world can contribute to environmental needs by working with a goal to create a healthy environment, conserve energy and reduce […]

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Office with a difference

Whether you are a junior level employee, owner, director or a professional running your practice independently, you would have pictured your office to be comfortable, stylish and cool. As small offices run independently, budgets and space constraints act as limiting […]

Right seasion in your office

The right season in your office

How cool or hot is your office? If you are looking around with renewed intention and a keen eye at the men and women in the office, then you can’t answer it. Or if you are digging out the HR […]


How important is an ergonomically correct desk?

If you find yourself sliding forward in your chair or placing your computer monitor far away or far too close or looking down at the monitor, then you are likely to be hit by the unhealthy posture syndrome. The importance […]


Your elbows @ work

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You may pay attention to the elbow in office only to nudge your friend when a colleague gets a hearing from the boss or when an attractive person joins the company and sits right across you. :) With the growing incidence of computer usage at workplaces, the elbow has a bigger role to play and hence needs good care.

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Your posture @ work

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We spend almost 60% of our life’s time at the workplace. It is the amount of time that cannot be ignored. Moreover, it might be time enough to cause discomforts and disorders to the body. Most of the workspaces have a sedentary arrangement and hence the posture that you maintain in the office is of prime importance.

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Ergonomics @ Work – Understanding the Relation

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Dr. Ushma Goradia


It is crucial to remember that the body is a chain of segments where the position of one segment has a domino effect on the other segments. Therefore, features of the environment at the workstation become important because they compel one body segment to assume a certain position, that is further responsible for positioning of the rest of the body.

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I am the Table Stand

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Hello reader. I am a new generation fellow with progressive thinking and advanced aesthetic tastes. The best place to find me is in a cool office that loves to wear a modern look. I truly believe that beauty is vain if it is not functional. So, I have made sure that I benefit my users just as I enchant them.

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Different types of bosses

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Charles Erwin Wilson, who previously worked as CEO for General Motors had said, “A good boss makes his men realise that they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could”.

From an employee’s point of view, this may not be entirely true. An overworked employee may think that the boss is a taskmaster and has unrealistic expectations from his team. Whereas an employee who has freshly started his career may find this trait in a boss inspiring and it may prove helpful in setting high goals for his career.

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How to save space


What is the one thing that architects, interior designers, space planners, business owners and corporate head honchos hold in high value while setting up modern day offices? The one thing that if saved and found more is an asset of high importance?

It is the office space.

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Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorder

Dr. Urmi Dhar (Salve) 

(Ergonomist – Researcher)

In modern industrial countries the term Ergonomics or Human Factor Engineering has huge impact. Father of Ergonomics, Bernardino Ramazzini first felt that when a worker is working at the workplace some occupational hazards are present towards which the workers exposed themselves. The workforce develops various occupational health problems due to those hazards. To overcome those issues, through various evolutions, ergonomics came into present state of acceptability and being taught & practiced by many professionals all over the world.

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Your knees @ work

When you find your feet, make sure that your knees support them. Figuratively speaking, when you have started working and earning a living, you have to make sure that your health allows you to work well. If your job involves being seated for the whole day, care needs to be taken to ensure that the long hours do not affect your health.

 Among other parts of the body, we tend to ignore the risk posed at out knees. It is generally understood that people with more active professions or sportspersons are more prone to knee injuries while people with desk jobs don’t have to worry about this. But sitting in the same position for long hours or sitting in the wrong position can directly impact your knees.

Knee pain may be caused due to many reasons. Some of the most common symptoms are listed below:

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Your feet @ work

Did you know that…

 – When you are seated in front of a computer for long hours, the electrical activity in your leg shuts off, reducing the fat-reducing enzymes by 90%.
– Your calorie burning slows to 1 calorie per minute, which is reduction by 120-140 calories burnt per day if you are at your desk all day long.
– People who sit down throughout the day have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease than people who stand.

Startling facts? All true though.

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I am the footrest

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Before I tell you about myself, I would like to tell you about my friend and companion, Mr.Ergonomics. He has really supported my cause and together, we make for a comfortable desk experience. It is his association with me that gives me the importance that I have today.

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